Companies hire Cheetah because we take care of business.

While most companies will quote you in desperation on the first phone call, we’re far more interested in building out an accurate roadmap for your project, so that the road to delivery is smooth, exciting and memorable. 

Thanks to these companies, project 
management will be the least of your worries.

Go all the way.

Going all the way is the only good fight there is. At Cheetah, our passion for taking clients to all-new heights starts with our attitude towards life itself. We strive to overcome. We strive to be the best. 

We strive to go all the way for companies like yours.


We are Cheetah Agency, a Dallas-based full-service agency founded in 2006 as Maze Agency.

We work with creative leads, business owners, content directors, startups, marketing teams, and others to produce compelling experiences for digital audiences.  We love what we do and believe that design is a spiritual process.  Therefore, we only work with those who inspire us to be great and create greatness.


We've made some pretty cool friends over the years.

Over the years, we have worked with were contracted on projects involving some pretty cool companies and we’ve ultimately made history in the process. 

Since 2006, nothing has changed, but our name.

Do it.

Not many agencies do this for the reasons that we do. Cheetah has been a force for 17 years because of our drive, our passion and our will to succeed. We take that passion and build greatness – it bursts like a rocket from our souls.

Well, we do it all.

When we say we’re a full-service agency – we mean it. From creative and technology development, to full-blown digital marketing solutions and industry-leading artificial intelligence development, we take you from start to finish like nobody else can.

Clutch, the largest agency reviewer in the United States recently recognized Cheetah for its accomplishments and our passion. We met over whether we should show all of them on our homepage and, well, I guess our decision is on display. When you achieve 70 amazing awards in a day, why not show them off? 

Take a sprint into the future.

Every Monday, join Haylee and Michael for “The Sprint” podcast, where they speak to some of the most prominent names in the creative, marketing, and tech industries while discussing the latest and greatest. “The Sprint” is syndicated everywhere – so you have no excuse for not listening.


Live streamed across over 30+ networks, from Rumble and dLive, to YouTube and Instagram.

Experience the story behind Cheetah and our fight to Save America from woke agencies and big tech companies who seek to destroy it

Over the next 4 months, we will be releasing 5 new books in bookstores around the globe, in print, ebook and audio format. Whether it’s our pioneering work on AI, our reimagining of the agency business, our secrets to branding, the key to successful app development or our advice on staying away from digital dinosaurs – we’ve written a book for everybody. 

Cheetah is global.

From Dallas to Miami and Dubai to Guangdong, Cheetah is expanding and expanding fast. Over the past year, we have opened many new satellite offices to expand our reach to customers not only across the United States but across the globe. That means we work around the clock – and the lights never go out. With over 46 locations in the United States, there is probably a Cheetah Satellite office near you!

Nobody does it like this cat.

Cheetah Agency is a full-service creative, marketing, and tech agency committed to providing unparalleled service through our Cheetah Promise.


We invest upfront in detailed proposals and research, utilize a unique in-house process for project management, and offer 24x7x365 support. Our team approaches design as a spiritual process, ensuring timeliness, responsiveness, and collaboration throughout every project. By fostering strong partnerships and delivering exceptional results, Cheetah Agency helps businesses grow and thrive through the power of branding and design.

Jason Mack

Jason Mack

Chief Marketing Officer @ Nana Condom Co.

“Cheetah took our project from start to finish, meaning, they created our entire brand, our products, our product packaging, our web presence, our software and handle all of our marketing. It helps to have someone who does it all, especially when they do it well.”

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We will take your project to the next level before you pay a cent.

Experience why clients choose Cheetah over other agencies by sitting down with us for an intense scoping session to figure out a strategy for your project – before you even pay a cent. It’s all a part of the Cheetah promise.

* There are no catches – when we said free, we meant free.